aldvmm-package {aldvmm}R Documentation

aldvmm: Adjusted Limited Dependent Variable Mixture Models


The goal of the package 'aldvmm' is to fit adjusted limited dependent variable mixture models of health state utilities. Adjusted limited dependent variable mixture models are finite mixtures of normal distributions with an accumulation of density mass at the limits, and a gap between 100% quality of life and the next smaller utility value. The package 'aldvmm' uses the likelihood and expected value functions proposed by Hernandez Alava and Wailoo (2015) <doi: 10.1177/1536867X1501500307> using normal component distributions and a multinomial logit model of probabilities of component membership.



 fit <- aldvmm(eq5d ~ age + female | 1,
               data = utility,
               psi = c(0.883, -0.594),
               ncmp = 2)


 yhat <- predict(fit,
                 newdata = utility)

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