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Tabulate the number of edges between annotations within a lineage tree


tableEdges creates a table of the total number of connections (edges) for each unique pair of annotations within a tree over all nodes.


tableEdges(graph, field, indirect = FALSE, exclude = NULL)



igraph object containing an annotated lineage tree.


string defining the annotation field to count.


if FALSE count direct connections (edges) only. If TRUE walk through any nodes with annotations specified in the argument to count indirect connections. Specifying indirect=TRUE with exclude=NULL will have no effect.


vector of strings defining field values to exclude from counts. Edges that either start or end with the specified annotations will not be counted. If NULL count all edges.


A data.frame defining total annotation connections in the tree with columns:

See Also

See testEdges for performed a permutation test on edge relationships.


# Define example graph
graph <- ExampleTrees[[23]]

# Count direct edges between isotypes including inferred nodes
tableEdges(graph, "c_call")

# Count direct edges excluding edges to and from germline and inferred nodes
tableEdges(graph, "c_call", exclude=c("Germline", NA))

# Count indirect edges walking through germline and inferred nodes
tableEdges(graph, "c_call", indirect=TRUE, exclude=c("Germline", NA))

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