Anchored Kmedoids for Longitudinal Data Clustering

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Documentation for package ‘akmedoids’ version 1.3.0

Help Pages

akclustr Anchored k-medoids clustering
alpha_label Numerics ids to alphabetical ids
clustr Sample labels of cluster groups
data_imputation Data imputation for longitudinal data
elbow_point Determine the elbow point on a curve
outlier_detect Outlier detection and replacement
plot_akstats Plot of cluster groups.
popl Simulated population data.
print_akstats Descriptive (Change) statistics
props Conversion of counts (or rates) to 'Proportion'
rates Conversion of counts to rates
remove_rows_n Removes rows that contain 'NA' and/or 'Inf' entries
simulated Simulated longitudinal dataset
TO1Risk Time-at-risk for the Adjudicated Toronto Youth Data (Sample 1)
traj Sample longitudinal dataset
traj_w_spaces Sample longitudinal dataset containing whitespaces
w_spaces Whitespaces removal