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Hydro-Meteorological Catchments Datasets for the 'airGR' Packages


Sample of hydro-meteorological datasets extracted from the 'CAMELS-FR' French database <>. It provides metadata and catchment-scale aggregated hydro-meteorological time series on a pool of French catchments for use by the 'airGR' packages. More especially, it can be used by teachers and students for hydrological modeling exercises adapted to the 'airGRteaching' package as described in Delaigue et al. (submitted) and in the 'airGRteaching' vignettes.

The package contains the following types of datasets:


Delaigue, O., Brigode, P., Andréassian, V., Perrin, C., Etchevers, P., Soubeyroux, J.-M., Janet, B. and Addor, N. (2022). CAMELS-FR: A large sample hydroclimatic dataset for France to explore hydrological diversity and support model benchmarking. 11th edition of the IAHS Scientific Assembly. International Association of Hydrological Sciences, Montpellier, 29 May - 3 Jun. 2022. hal-03687235


Delaigue, O., Brigode, P., Thirel, G. and Coron, L. (submitted). airGRteaching: an open-source tool for teaching hydrological modelling. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences.

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