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Default preview of model outputs


Function which creates a screen plot giving an overview of the model outputs.


## S3 method for class 'OutputsModel'
plot(x, Qobs = NULL, IndPeriod_Plot = NULL,
     BasinArea = NULL, which = "synth", log_scale = FALSE,
     cex.axis = 1, cex.lab = 0.9, cex.leg = 0.9, lwd = 1,
     AxisTS = function(x) axis.POSIXct(side = 1, x = x$DatesR, ...),
     LayoutMat = NULL,
     LayoutWidths =, ncol(LayoutMat)),
     LayoutHeights =, nrow(LayoutMat)),
     verbose = TRUE, ...)



[object of class OutputsModel] list of model outputs (which must at least include DatesR, Precip and Qsim) [POSIXlt, mm/time step, mm/time step]


(optional) [numeric] time series of observed flow (for the same time steps than simulated) [mm/time step]


(optional) [numeric] indices of the time steps to be plotted (among the OutputsModel series)


(optional) [numeric] basin area [km2], used to plot flow axes in m3/s


(optional) [character] choice of plots
(e.g. c("Precip", "Temp", "SnowPack", "Flows", "Error", "Regime", "CumFreq", "CorQQ")), default = "synth", see details below


(optional) [boolean] indicating if the flow and the error time series axis and the flow error time series axis are to be logarithmic, default = FALSE


(optional) [numeric] the magnification to be used for axis annotation relative to the current setting of cex


(optional) [numeric] the magnification to be used for x and y labels relative to the current setting of cex


(optional) [numeric] the magnification to be used for the legend labels relative to the current setting of cex


(optional) [numeric] the line width (a positive number)


(optional) [function] to manage x-axis representing calendar dates and times on time series plots (see axis and axis.POSIXct)


(optional) [numeric] a matrix object specifying the location of the next N figures on the output device. Each value in the matrix must be 0 or a positive integer. If N is the largest positive integer in the matrix, then the integers 1, \dots, N-1 must also appear at least once in the matrix (see layout)


(optional) [numeric] a vector of values for the widths of columns on the device (see layout)


(optional) [numeric] a vector of values for the heights of rows on the device (see layout)


(optional) [boolean] indicating if the function is run in verbose mode or not, default = TRUE


(optional) other parameters to be passed through to plotting functions


Different types of independent graphs are available (depending on the model, but always drawn in this order):

Different dashboards of results including various graphs are available:

If several dashboards are selected, or if an independent graph is called with a dashboard, the graphical device will include all the requested graphs without redundancy.


Screen plot window.


Laurent Coron, Olivier Delaigue, Guillaume Thirel


### see examples of RunModel_GR4J or RunModel_CemaNeigeGR4J functions
### to understand how the example datasets have been prepared

## loading examples dataset for GR4J and GR4J + CemaNeige

### Qobs and outputs from GR4J and GR4J + CemaNeige models
str(simGR4J, max.level = 1)
str(simCNGR4J, max.level = 1)

### default dashboard (which = "synth")

## GR models whithout CemaNeige
plot(simGR4J$OutputsModel, Qobs = simGR4J$Qobs)

## GR models whith CemaNeige ("Temp" and "SnowPack" added)
plot(simCNGR4J$OutputsModel, Qobs = simCNGR4J$Qobs)

### "Error" and "CorQQ" plots cannot be display whithout Qobs
plot(simGR4J$OutputsModel, which = "all", Qobs = simGR4J$Qobs)
plot(simGR4J$OutputsModel, which = "all", Qobs = NULL)

### complex plot arrangements
plot(simGR4J$OutputsModel, Qobs = simGR4J$Qobs,
     which = c("Flows", "Regime", "CumFreq", "CorQQ"),
     LayoutMat = matrix(c(1, 2, 3, 1, 4, 4), ncol = 2),
     LayoutWidths  = c(1.5, 1),
     LayoutHeights = c(0.5, 1, 1))

### customize x-axis on time series plot
FunAxisTS <- function(x) {
  axis.POSIXct(side = 1, x = x$DatesR,
  at = pretty(x$DatesR, n = 10),
  format = "%Y-%m-%d")
plot(simGR4J$OutputsModel, Qobs = simGR4J$Qobs, AxisTS = FunAxisTS)

### add a main title

## the whole list of settable par's
opar <- par(no.readonly = TRUE)

## define outer margins and a title inside it
par(oma = c(0, 0, 3, 0))
plot(simGR4J$OutputsModel, Qobs = simGR4J$Qobs)
title(main = "GR4J outputs", outer = TRUE, line = 1.2, cex.main = 1.4)

## reset original par

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