Climatic Indices for Agriculture

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Documentation for package ‘agroclim’ version 0.1.0

Help Pages

bedd Biologically effective degree-days (BEDD)
calcGrid Calculation of indices over gridded datasets
coldMonth Coldest month of the year
combine_plots Combine plots
createNc Creation of NetCDF from an array
daily_tmax Climatic dataset
daily_tmin Climatic dataset
dataFromGrid Extract data from a gridded dataset
ehe Extreme Heat Exposure (EHE)
firstFrost Mean first frost day
firstTemp Mean first day with a temperature over a threshold
frostDays Number of frost days
frostFreqs Frequency of frosts
frostProb First day in the year where P(tmin<0) <= prob
gdd Growing Degree Days
gst Growing Season Temperature (GST)
hi Huglin Heliothermal Index (HI)
lastFrost Mean last frost day
pentadProbs Pentadic probabilities
tempDayprob First day in the year where P(tmax>threshold) >= probs
tempProb Probability of exceed a predefined temperature value
warmMonth Warmest month of the year