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WAM and OWA Operators


Computes the Weighted Arithmetic Mean or the Ordered Weighted Averaging aggregation operator.


owa(x, w = rep(1/length(x), length(x)))

wam(x, w = rep(1/length(x), length(x)))



numeric vector to be aggregated


numeric vector of the same length as x, with elements in [0,1], and such that sum(x)=1; weights


The OWA operator is given by

OWA_w(x) = sum_i(w_i * x_(i))

where x_(i) denotes the i-th smallest value in x.

The WAM operator is given by

WAM_w(x) = sum_i(w_i * x_i)

If the elements in w do not sum up to 1, then they are normalized and a warning is generated.

Both functions by default return the ordinary arithmetic mean. Special cases of OWA include the trimmed mean (see mean) and Winsorized mean.

There is a strong, well-known connection between the OWA operators and the Choquet integrals.


These functions return a single numeric value.


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