d2owa_checkwts {agop}R Documentation

D2OWA Operators


Computes the D2OWA operator, i.e., the normalized L2 distance between a numeric vector and an OWA operator.



d2owa(x, w = rep(1/length(x), length(x)))



numeric vector of the same length as x, with elements in [0,1], and such that \sum_i w_i=1; weights


numeric vector to be aggregated


D2OWA is a symmetric spread measure. It is defined as d2owa(x) == sqrt(mean((x-owa(x,w))^2)). Not all weights, however, generate a proper function of this kind; d2owa_checkwts may be used to check that. For d2owa, if w is not appropriate, an error is thrown.

w is automatically normalized so that its elements sum up to 1.


For d2owa, a single numeric value is returned. On the other hand, d2owa_checkwts returns a single logical value.


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