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Tree spatial pattern in control plot 15, Paracou experimental station, French Guiana


Spatial pattern of 4128 trees of 332 different species in a 250 m X 250 m control plot in Paracou experimental station, French Guiana.




A list with 5 components:
$rect is a vector of coordinates (xmin,ymin,xmax,ymax) of the origin and the opposite corner of a 250 by 250 m rectangular plot.
$trees is a list of tree coordinates (x,y).
$species is a factor with 332 levels corresponding to species names of the trees.
$spdist is an object of class "dist" giving between-species distances based on functional traits (see Paine et al. 2011).


Gourlet-Fleury, S., Ferry, B., Molino, J.-F., Petronelli, P. & Schmitt, L. 2004. Experimental plots: key features. Pp. 3-60 In Gourlet-Fleury, S., Guehl, J.-M. & Laroussinie, O. (Eds.), Ecology and Management of a Neotropical rainforest - Lessons drawn from Paracou, a long-term experimental research site in French Guiana. Elsevier SAS, France.


Paine, C. E. T., Baraloto, C., Chave, J. & Herault, B. 2011. Functional traits of individual trees reveal ecological constraints on community assembly in tropical rain forests. Oikos, 120: 720-727.


P15.spp <- spp(Paracou15$trees, mark = Paracou15$species, window = Paracou15$rect)
plot(P15.spp, chars = rep("o", 332), cols = rainbow(332), legend = FALSE, maxsize = 0.5)

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