sample_size_norm_local {adpss}R Documentation

Calculate sample size or power for a locally efficient adaptive design.


sample_size_norm_local calculates the power if the time of the final analysis is given and otherwise the sample size. The computed power for effect_size is an approximate lower bound. Sample size is also calculated on the basis of the bound.


sample_size_norm_local(overall_sig_level = 0.025, min_effect_size = 1,
  sample_size = TRUE, effect_size = 1, time = 0, target_power = 0.8,
  final_time = 0, tol_sample_size = 1e-08, input_check = TRUE)



Overall significance level in (0, 1). Default is 0.025.


The minimum effect size. It should be positive. The working test will be constructed to have the power of 1 - work_beta for this effect size. Default is 1.


If TRUE, the function will return the sample size required by the locally efficient adaptive design to have the power of target_power. If FALSE, the function will return the power when the final interim analysis and the final analysis are conducted at time and final_time, respectively.


The effect size, on the basis of which the power or sample size calculation will be performed. In locally efficient adaptive designs, any real value no less than min_effect_size / 2 is allowed.


The time of the current analysis.


The power, on the basis of which the sample size calculation will be performed.


The time of the final analysis.


The precision in calculation of the sample size.


Indicate whether or not the arguments input by user contain invalid values.


It returns the sample size (when sample_size = TRUE) or the power (when sample_size = FALSE).

See Also

adaptive_analysis_norm_local for example of this function.

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