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Outdoor Run Raw Accelerometry Data


Raw accelerometry data collected during 25 minutes of an outdoor run. Data were collected at frequency 100 Hz simultaneously with two wearable accelerometers located at left hip and left ankle.




A data.frame with 300000 observations of 5 variables:


Data were collected during 25 minutes of an outdoor run performed by an adult healthy female, 180 cm tall and of 67 kg weight

The data were collected at frequency 100 Hz with two ActiGraph GT9X Link sensors. One of the sensors was attached to the shoe with a clip on the outside side of a left foot, just below the left ankle. The other sensor was attached to the elastic belt located at hip, on the left side of a hip.

Based on a mobile tracking application output, the ground elevation difference between start and end point of the data collection is approximately 36 m (17 m at the start point, 53 m at the finish point). The distance covered is approximately 3.35 km.

The person from which the data were collected is Marta Karas, a co-author of the package. The IRB Office Determination Request Form for Primary (New) Data Collection request form was submitted in regard to the collection and further publishing of these data. Based on preliminary review of the request form submitted, it was determined that the data collection and further data publishing activity described in the determination request does not qualify as human subjects research as defined by DHHS regulations 45 CFR 46.102, and does not require IRB oversight.

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