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Histogram of the Descriptive Parameters of a Trajectory


This function draws an histogram of any tranformation of the descriptive parameters of a trajectory in objects of class ltraj.


## S3 method for class 'ltraj'
hist(x, which = "dx/sqrt(dt)", ...)



an object of class ltraj


a character string giving any syntactically correct R expression implying the descriptive elements in x, or the variables in the optional attribute infolocs .


parameters to be passed to the generic function hist.


a list of objects of class "histogram"


Clement Calenge clement.calenge@ofb.gouv.fr

See Also

hist, ltraj for additional information on the descriptive parameters of the trajectory, qqnorm.ltraj for examination of distribution.


## Simulation of a Brownian Motion
a <- simm.brown(c(1:300, seq(301,6000,by=20)))
plot(a, addpoints = FALSE)

## dx/sqrt(dt) and dy/sqrt(dt) are normally distributed (see
## ?qqchi) 
hist(a, "dx/sqrt(dt)", freq = FALSE)
lines(tutu <- seq(-5,5, length=50), dnorm(tutu), col="red")

hist(a, "dy/sqrt(dt)", freq = FALSE)
lines(tutu, dnorm(tutu), col="red")

## Look at the distribution of distances between
## successive relocations
hist(a, "dist/sqrt(dt)", freq = FALSE)
lines(tutu <- seq(0,5, length=50), dchi(tutu), col="red")

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