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Additivity tests in the two way ANOVA with single sub-class numbers.


In many applications of statistical methods, it is assumed that the response variable is a sum of several factors and a random noise. In a real world this may not be an appropriate model. For example, some patients may react differently to the same drug treatment or the effect of fertilizer may be influenced by the type of a soil. There might exist an interaction between factors.

If there is more than one observation per cell then standard ANOVA techniques may be applied. Unfortunately, in many cases it is infeasible to get more than one observation taken under the same conditions. For instance, it is not logical to ask the same student the same question twice.

Six tests of additivity hypothesis (under various alternatives) are included in this package: Tukey test, modified Tukey test, Johnson-Graybill test, LBI test, Mandel test and Tussel test.


Testing for interaction in the two way ANOVA with single sub-class numbers.


Petr Simecek <>

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