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Check remaining arm combinations


This function summarises the numbers and proportions of all combinations of remaining arms (i.e., excluding arms dropped for inferiority or futility at any analysis, and arms dropped for equivalence at earlier analyses in trials with a common control) across multiple simulated trial results. The function supplements the extract_results(), check_performance(), and summary() functions, and is especially useful for designs with ⁠> 2⁠ arms, where it provides details that the other functionality mentioned do not.


check_remaining_arms(object, ci_width = 0.95)



trial_results object, output from the run_trials() function.


single numeric ⁠>= 0⁠ and ⁠< 1⁠, the width of the approximate confidence intervals for the proportions of combinations (calculated analytically). Defaults to 0.95, corresponding to 95% confidence intervals.


a data.frame containing the combinations of remaining arms, sorted in descending order of, with the following columns:

See Also

extract_results(), check_performance(), summary(), plot_convergence(), plot_metrics_ecdf().


# Setup a trial specification
binom_trial <- setup_trial_binom(arms = c("A", "B", "C", "D"),
                                 control = "A",
                                 true_ys = c(0.20, 0.18, 0.22, 0.24),
                                 data_looks = 1:20 * 200,
                                 equivalence_prob = 0.7,
                                 equivalence_diff = 0.03,
                                 equivalence_only_first = FALSE)

# Run 35 simulations with a specified random base seed
res <- run_trials(binom_trial, n_rep = 25, base_seed = 12345)

# Check remaining arms (printed with fewer digits)
print(check_remaining_arms(res), digits = 3)

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