msabe {adaptIVPT}R Documentation

Run the mixed scaling approach in bioequivalence (BE) studies


This function runs hypothesis testing for bioequivalence using the mixed criterion


msabe(Test, Reference, params = list())



An n-by-r matrix of test product data. n is the number of donors and r is the number of skin section replicates.


An n-by-r matrix of reference product data.


(Optional) The list of tuning parameters for running the test.

  • sigma_W0 - A regulatory constant set by the FDA. Defaults to 0.25.

  • m - Another regulatory constant that determines the bounds within which the estimated GMR should fall for bioequivalence to be established. Defaults to 1.25, representing 80-125% average BE limits, which is the FDA recommendation.

  • sig_level - The significance level (alpha-level).


A list of lists


Daeyoung Lim,


Davit, B. M., Chen, M. L., Conner, D. P., Haidar, S. H., Kim, S., Lee, C. H., Lionberger, R. A., Makhlouf, F. T., Nwakama, P. E., Patel, D. T., Schuirmann, D. J., & Yu, L. X. (2012). Implementation of a reference-scaled average bioequivalence approach for highly variable generic drug products by the US Food and Drug Administration. The AAPS journal, 14(4), 915-924.


n <- 6
r <- 3
Test <- matrix(runif(n*r), nrow = n, ncol = r)
Reference <- matrix(runif(n*r), nrow = n, ncol = r)
out <- msabe(Test, Reference)

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