act_tbl {activatr}R Documentation

Creates an activatr tibble, abbreviated act_tbl.


act_tbl takes a tibble and returns an act_tbl object.

summary.act_tbl returns a tibble with canonical information about the activity. Designed to allow for easy creation of activity summary data sets by mapping summary over each act_tbl then using bind_rows to create a complete data set.



## S3 method for class 'act_tbl'
summary(object, full = FALSE, units = c("imperial", "metric"), ...)



An object to turn into an act_tbl.


an object for which a summary is desired


Whether every column should be included, and filled with NA if missing. Most useful to ensure the tibble has the same shape for every file, allowing eventual use of bind_rows to create a full summary data set.


Which units should be used? Imperial returns distance in miles, pace in minutes per mile, and elevation in feet. Metric returns distance in kilometers, pace in minutes per kilometer, and elevation in meters.


Additional arguments.


act_tbl returns an object of class "act_tbl", or errors if the provided tibble is invalid.

summary.act_tbl returns a tibble with a single row, containing a summary of the given act_tbl.

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