cbind.acs {acs}R Documentation

Combine acs Objects by Columns


Take a pair of acs objects and combine by columns.


          ## S3 method for class 'acs'
cbind(e1, e2, ...)


e1, e2

two acs-class objects


provided for consistency with cbind S3 method


When passed two acs-class objects, cbind will first check to confirm whether the objects contain compatible data: same endyear and span; same geography. If not, it will issue a warning, but will still proceed.

After this check, the function will return a new acs object that has resulted from combining the two arguments column-wise. The effect is essentially the same as cbind on the underlying estimate and standard.error matrices, with all the additional acs metadata tended to.


Returns a single new acs object with all of the data contained in the two arguments.


Ezra Haber Glenn eglenn@mit.edu

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