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Downloads and stores XML tables used to lookup variable codes, table names, and other metadata associated with acs package.


To obtain variable codes and other metadata needed to access the Census API, both acs.fetch and acs.lookup must consult various XML lookup files, which are provided by the Census with each data release. To keep the acs package-size small, as of version 2.0 these files are accessed online at run-time for each query. As an alternative, users may use acs.tables.install to download and archive all current tables (approximately 10MB, as of version 2.0 release).

Use of this function is completely optional and the package should work fine without it (assuming the computer is online and is able to access the lookup tables), but running it once may result in faster searches and quicker downloads for all subsequent sessions. (The results are saved and archived, so once a user has run the function, it is unnecessary to run again, unless the acs package is re-installed or updated.)




Downloads the files and saves them to the package's "extdata" directory; return an error if no files found.


Ezra Haber Glenn


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