Fit Accumulated Damage Models and Estimate Reliability using ABC

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Documentation for package ‘abcADM’ version 1.0

Help Pages

abcMCMC ABC-MCMC for load duration experiment data
catConstants Display the current constants
constLoad_4500_1Y Example data with tau_c = 4500 and t_c = 1Y (8760 hours)
default_param Default theta
print_LoadProfile Print the load profile parameters
sample_load_profile Residential load profile
set_LoadProfile Set load profile
set_returnPeriod Set end time of reliability assessment
set_simuSampleSize Set the number of simulated samples
set_timeStep Set time step
simu_failTime Simulate samples of failure time using parameters theta
solveCanADM Simulate the time-to-failures given theta (posterior samples) under load profile