Access to Abbyy Optical Character Recognition (OCR) API

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Documentation for package ‘abbyyR’ version 0.5.5

Help Pages

abbyyR-package abbyyR: R Client for the Abbyy Cloud OCR
abbyyR abbyyR: R Client for the Abbyy Cloud OCR
abbyy_check Request Response Verification
abbyy_GET Base POST AND GET functions. Not exported.
deleteTask Delete Task
getAppInfo Get Application Info
getResults Get Results
getTaskStatus Get Task Status
listFinishedTasks List Finished Tasks
listTasks List Tasks
ocrFile OCR File
processBarcodeField Process Bar Code Field
processBusinessCard Process Business Card
processCheckmarkField processCheckmarkField
processDocument Process Document
processFields Process Fields
processImage Process Image
processMRZ Process MRZ: Extract data from Machine Readable Zone
processPhotoId Process Photo ID
processRemoteImage Process Remote Image
processTextField Process Text Field
setapp Sets Application ID and Password
submitImage Submit Image