Automated Biomarker Analysis

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Documentation for package ‘aba’ version 0.0.9

Help Pages

aba_adjust Create an aba_adjust object.
aba_control Create an aba control object.
aba_demographics Create a demographics table from a fitted aba model.
aba_emmeans Calculated estimated marginal means.
aba_fit Fit an aba model.
aba_longpower Run power analysis on a longitudinal-based aba model.
aba_model Create an aba model.
aba_plot Plot an aba object
aba_plot_coef Plot coefficients of an aba model summary
aba_plot_metric Plot metrics of an aba model summary
aba_plot_roc Plot ROC curves from an aba model
aba_read Read an aba object from file
aba_robust Evaluate the robustness of an aba model to systematic and random error.
aba_screen Create an aba screen object.
aba_selection Run model selection on an aba model.
aba_summary Summarise a fitted aba model.
aba_write Write an aba object to file.
adnimerge A sample of ADNI data in long format
all_combos Create all possible combinations of a set of variables
as_reactable Convert an aba summary to a interactive react table
as_table Convert an aba summary to a nicely formatted table
everyone Use all data rows as a group in an aba model.
fit.abaModel Fit an aba model.
set_covariates Set the covariates of an aba model.
set_data Set the data of an aba model
set_groups Set the groups of an aba model.
set_outcomes Set the outcomes of an aba model.
set_predictors Set the predictors of an aba model.
set_stats Set the stats of an aba model
stat_ancova Create an ancova stat object.
stat_glm Create a glm stat object.
stat_lm Create an lm stat object.
stat_lme Create an lme stat object.
stat_mmrm Create an mmrm stat object.
stat_retest Create a retest stat object.
stat_roc Create a roc stat object.