arxiv_search {aRxiv}R Documentation

The main search function for aRxiv


Allows for progammatic searching of the arXiv pre-print repository.


  query = NULL,
  id_list = NULL,
  start = 0,
  limit = 10,
  sort_by = c("submitted", "updated", "relevance"),
  ascending = TRUE,
  batchsize = 100,
  force = FALSE,
  output_format = c("data.frame", "list"),
  sep = "|"



Search pattern as a string; a vector of such strings also allowed, in which case the elements are combined with AND.


arXiv doc IDs, as comma-delimited string or a vector of such strings


An offset for the start of search


Maximum number of records to return.


How to sort the results (ignored if id_list is provided)


If TRUE, sort in ascending order; else descending (ignored if id_list is provided)


Maximum number of records to request at one time


If TRUE, force search request even if it seems extreme


Indicates whether output should be a data frame or a list.


String to use to separate multiple authors, affiliations, DOI links, and categories, in the case that output_format="data.frame".


If output_format="data.frame", the result is a data frame with each row being a manuscript and columns being the various fields.

If output_format="list", the result is a list parsed from the XML output of the search, closer to the raw output from arXiv.

The data frame format has the following columns.

[,1] id arXiv ID
[,2] submitted date first submitted
[,3] updated date last updated
[,4] title manuscript title
[,5] summary abstract
[,6] authors author names
[,7] affiliations author affiliations
[,8] link_abstract hyperlink to abstract
[,9] link_pdf hyperlink to pdf
[,10] link_doi hyperlink to DOI
[,11] comment authors' comment
[,12] journal_ref journal reference
[,13] doi published DOI
[,14] primary_category primary category
[,15] categories all categories

The contents are all strings; missing values are empty strings ("").

The columns authors, affiliations, link_doi, and categories may have multiple entries separated by sep (by default, "|").

The result includes an attribute "search_info" that includes information about the details of the search parameters, including the time at which it was completed. Another attribute "total_results" is the total number of records that match the query.

See Also

arxiv_count(), arxiv_open(), query_terms(), arxiv_cats()


# search for author Peter Hall with deconvolution in title
z <- arxiv_search(query = 'au:"Peter Hall" AND ti:deconvolution', limit=2)
attr(z, "total_results") # total no. records matching query

# search for a set of documents by arxiv identifiers
z <- arxiv_search(id_list = c("0710.3491v1", "0804.0713v1", "1003.0315v1"))
# can also use a comma-separated string
z <- arxiv_search(id_list = "0710.3491v1,0804.0713v1,1003.0315v1")
# Journal references, if available

# search for a range of dates (in this case, one day)
z <- arxiv_search("submittedDate:[199701010000 TO 199701012400]", limit=2)

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