arxiv_count {aRxiv}R Documentation

Count number of results for a given search


Count the number of results for a given search. Useful to check before attempting to pull down a very large number of records.


arxiv_count(query = NULL, id_list = NULL)



Search pattern as a string; a vector of such strings is also allowed, in which case the elements are combined with AND.


arXiv doc IDs, as comma-delimited string or a vector of such strings


Number of results (integer). An attribute "search_info" contains information about the search parameters and the time at which it was performed.

See Also

arxiv_search(), query_terms(), arxiv_cats()


# count papers in category stat.AP (applied statistics)
arxiv_count(query = "cat:stat.AP")

# count papers by Peter Hall in any stat category
arxiv_count(query = 'au:"Peter Hall" AND cat:stat*')

# count papers for a range of dates
#    here, everything in 2013
arxiv_count("submittedDate:[2013 TO 2014]")

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