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Compute WBE parameters


Compute from an object of class aRchi the West, Brown and Enquist (WBE) scaling exponent (alpha and beta) and the subsequent estimated metabolic rate (theta) at node, branch, branch order or tree level.


WBEparameters(aRchi, level = "Tree", position = 10)

## S4 method for signature 'aRchi'
WBEparameters(aRchi, level = "Tree", position = 10)



an object of class aRchi with at least a QSM and the Nodes table (see function Make_Node)


characters. At which level R_ratio has to be estimated. Node for node level, Axis for axis level, branching_order for branch order level and Tree for tree level (default).


At which position from the node WBE parameters have to be estimated. Either a numeric or a character. Use a numeric multiple of ten to select the distance from the node in cm where R ratio has to be estimated (e.g 10 for 10cm from the node). Use the % sign after a multiple of ten to select the distance from the node in percentage of the length of the parent and daughters segments (e.g 50% for an estimation at mid-length of the segments). Note that 0 is accepted and correspond to the closest position from the node.


Details for WBE parameters calculation are given in the details part of function Make_Node.


Data.table of the summary (median and mean) of WBE parameters at the selected level. The median should be used according to Bentley et al. 2013.


Martin-Ducup, O. et al. Terrestrial laser scanning reveals convergence of tree architecture with increasingly dominant crown canopy position. Functional Ecology (2020).

Lau, A. et al. Estimating architecture-based metabolic scaling exponents of tropical trees using terrestrial LiDAR and 3D modelling. Forest Ecology and Management 439, 132–145 (2019).

Bentley, L. P. et al. An empirical assessment of tree branching networks and implications for plant allometric scaling models. Ecology Letters 16, 1069–1078 (2013).

See Also

Make_Node for node metrics estimation; LeonardoRatio to estimates Leonardo Da Vinci's ratio at different level.


# Read an aRchifile with a QSM and node tables.
file=system.file("extdata","Tree_1_aRchi.aRchi",package = "aRchi")
# WBE parameters at the branching order level estimated at midlength of the segments
LeonardoRatio(Tree1_aRchi,level="Tree", position="50%")
# WBE parameters at the tree level estimated at 10 cm from the node

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