LeonardoRatio {aRchi}R Documentation

Compute Leonardo's ratio


Compute from an object of class aRchi the Leonardo's ratio (i.e R_ratio) at node, axis, branch order or tree level.


LeonardoRatio(aRchi, level = "Tree", position = 10)

## S4 method for signature 'aRchi'
LeonardoRatio(aRchi, level = "Tree", position = 10)



an object of class aRchi with at least a QSM and the Nodes table (see function Make_Node)


characters. At which level R_ratio has to be estimated. Node for node level, Axis for the axis level, branching_orde for branch order level and Tree for tree level (default).


At which position from the node R_ratio had to be estimated. Either a numeric or a character. Use a numeric multiple of ten to select the distance from the node in cm where R ratio has to be estimated (e.g 10 for 10cm from the node). Use the % sign after a multiple of ten to select the distance from the node in percentage of the length of the parent and daughters segments (e.g 50% for an estimation at mid-length of the segments). Note that 0 is accepted and correspond to the closest position from the node.


Details for Leonardo Da Vinci's ratio calculation are given in the details part of function Make_Node.


Data.table of the summary of R_ratio for the selected level.

See Also

Make_Node for node metrics estimation; WBEparameters to estimates WBE parameters at different level;


# Read an aRchifile with a QSM and node tables.
file=system.file("extdata","Tree_1_aRchi.aRchi",package = "aRchi")
# Leonardo'ratio at the branching order level estimated at midlength of the segments
LeonardoRatio(Tree1_aRchi,level="Tree", position="50%")
# Leonardo'ratio at the node level estimated at 30 cm from the node
LeonardoRatio(Tree1_aRchi,level="Node", position=30)

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