get_arbs {aRbs}R Documentation

Find Arbitrage Opportunities


Input a sport homepage URL as a string and return a list of arbitrage information. This will also print dataframes with details of the arbitrage opportunities, including the stake required for equal returns, the value of said equal returns, along with the relevant bookie for each outcome.


  event = "",
  in_play = FALSE,
  print_urls = FALSE,
  parallel = TRUE,
  debug = FALSE



A URL to a sport homepage, given as a string.


Logical. Should in-play arbitrage opportunities (arbs) also be returned? These are not likely to be accurate arbs as some bookie's odds will not be up-to-date, therefore default is FALSE.


Logical. Should the URL of the event(s) be printed to the console while searching for arbitrage opportunities? Passed to get_arb_single.


Logical. Should iterative calls to get_arb_single be made in parallel.


Logical. If set to TRUE, print_urls will be turned on and parallel will be turned off (so that URLs can be printed continuously).


The workhorse function, clearly, is get_arb_single, however get_arbs implements it iteratively, after scraping and cleaning the required inputs for each distinct call to get_arb_single. This includes finding all the sub-URLs of the homepage. A progress bar is also used as the runtime is significant.


A list, with arbitrage information printed as series of dataframes.

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