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Maps values to intervals


Maps values to intervals by returning an index vector specifying the (first) interval that each value maps to, if any.


## S3 method for class 'numeric'
mapToIntervals(x, intervals, includeLower=TRUE, includeUpper=TRUE, ...)



A numeric vector of K values to be matched.


The N intervals to be matched against. If an Nx2 numeric matrix, the first column should be the lower bounds and the second column the upper bounds of each interval. If a numeric vector of length 2N, each consecutive pair should be the lower and upper bounds of an interval.

includeLower, includeUpper

If TRUE, the lower (upper) bound of each interval is included in the test, otherwise not.


Not used.


Returns an integer vector of length K. Values that do not map to any interval have return value NA.


Henrik Bengtsson

See Also

inAnyInterval(). match(). findInterval(). cut().

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