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Abstract class SmartComments


Package: R.utils
Class SmartComments


Directly known subclasses:
LComments, VComments

public abstract static class SmartComments
extends Object

Abstract class SmartComments.


SmartComments(letter=NA, ...)



A single character.


Not used.


A "smart" source-code comment is an R comment, which start with a '\#', but is followed by a single letter, then a single symbol and a second '\#' and then an option character string, and there must not be any code before the comment on the same line. In summary, a smart comment line has format: <white spaces>\#<letter><symbol>\# <some text>.

Example code with two smart comments (VComments):

   x <- 2
   \#V1\# threshold=-1
   \#Vc\# A v-comment log message
   cat("Hello world")

which after compilation becomes

   x <- 2
   verbose <- Verbose(threshold=-1)
   if (verbose) { cat(verbose, "A v-comment log message"); }
   cat("Hello world")

Fields and Methods


compile Preprocess a vector of code lines.
convertComment Converts a single smart comment to R code.
parse Parses one single smart comment.
reset Resets a SmartComments compiler.
validate Validates the compiled lines.

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