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The Options class


Package: R.utils
Class Options


Directly known subclasses:

public static class Options
extends Object

A class to set and get either options stored in a list tree structure.

Each option has a pathname. The format of a pathname is similar to a (Unix) filesystem pathname, e.g. "graphics/cex". See examples for more details.


Options(options=list(), ...)



A tree list structure of options.


Not used.


Note, this class and its methods do not operate on the global options structure defined in R (options).


The constructor returns an Options object.

Fields and Methods


as.character Returns a character string version of this object.
as.list Gets a list representation of the options.
equals Checks if this object is equal to another Options object.
getLeaves Gets all (non-list) options in a flat list.
getOption Gets an option.
hasOption Checks if an option exists.
names Gets the full pathname of all (non-list) options.
nbrOfOptions Gets the number of options set.
setOption Sets an option.
str Prints the structure of the options.

Methods inherited from Object:
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Henrik Bengtsson


local <- Options()

# Query a missing option
cex <- getOption(local, "graphics/cex")
cat("graphics/cex =", cex, "\n")  # Returns NULL

# Query a missing option with default value
cex <- getOption(local, "graphics/cex", defaultValue=1)
cat("graphics/cex =", cex, "\n")  # Returns NULL

# Set option and get previous value
oldCex <- setOption(local, "graphics/cex", 2)
cat("previous graphics/cex =", oldCex, "\n")  # Returns NULL

# Set option again and get previous value
oldCex <- setOption(local, "graphics/cex", 3)
cat("previous graphics/cex =", oldCex, "\n")  # Returns 2

# Query a missing option with default value, which is ignored
cex <- getOption(local, "graphics/cex", defaultValue=1)
cat("graphics/cex =", cex, "\n")  # Returns 3

# Query multiple options with multiple default values
multi <- getOption(local, c("graphics/cex", "graphics/pch"), c(1,2))

# Check existance of multiple options
has <- hasOption(local, c("graphics/cex", "graphics/pch"))

# Get a subtree of options
graphics <- getOption(local, "graphics")

# Get the complete tree of options
all <- getOption(local)

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