omxLogical {OpenMx}R Documentation

Logical mxAlgebra() operators


omxNot computes the unary negation of the values of a matrix. omxAnd computes the binary and of two matrices. omxOr computes the binary or of two matrices. omxGreaterThan computes a binary greater than of two matrices. omxLessThan computes the binary less than of two matrices. omxApproxEquals computes a binary equals within a specified epsilon of two matrices.


omxAnd(x, y)
omxOr(x, y)
omxGreaterThan(x, y)
omxLessThan(x, y)
omxApproxEquals(x, y, epsilon)



the first argument, the matrix which the logical operation will be applied to.


the second argument, applicable to binary functions.


the third argument, specifies the error threshold for omxApproxEquals. Abs(x[i][j]-y[i][j]) must be less than epsilon[i][j].


A <- mxMatrix(values = runif(25), nrow = 5, ncol = 5, name = 'A')
B <- mxMatrix(values = runif(25), nrow = 5, ncol = 5, name = 'B')
EPSILON <- mxMatrix(values = 0.04*1:25, nrow = 5, ncol = 5, name = "EPSILON")

model <- mxModel(A, B, EPSILON, name = 'model')

mxEval(omxNot(A), model)
mxEval(omxGreaterThan(A,B), model)
mxEval(omxLessThan(B,A), model)
mxEval(omxOr(omxNot(A),B), model)
mxEval(omxAnd(omxNot(B), A), model)
mxEval(omxApproxEquals(A,B, EPSILON), model)

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