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Make Brownies in OpenMx


This function returns a brownie recipe.


omxBrownie(quantity=1, walnuts=TRUE, wfpb=FALSE)



Number of batches of brownies desired. Defaults to one.


Logical. Indicates whether walnuts are to be included in the brownies. Defaults to TRUE.


Logical. Indicates whether to display the whole food plant based version. Defaults to FALSE.


Returns a brownie recipe. Alter the 'quantity' variable to make more pans of brownies. Ingredients, equipment and procedure are listed, but neither ingredients nor equipment are provided.

Raw cocoa powder can be used instead of Dutch processed cocoa for approximately double the antioxidants and flavonols. However, raw cocoa powder is not as smooth and delicious in taste.

For the whole food plant based (wfpb) version of the recipe, we substitute coconut butter for dairy butter because dairy butter contains a large proportion of saturated fat that raises deadly LDL cholesterol (Trumbo & Shimakawa, 2011). In contrast, coconut butter has so much fiber that the considerable saturated fat that it contains is mostly not absorbed (Padmakumaran, Rajamohan & Kurup, 1999). You can substitute erythritol (den Hartog et al, 2010) for sucanat (Lustig, Schmidt, & Brindis, 2012) to improve the glycemic index and reduce calorie density. We substitute whole wheat flour for all-purpose wheat flour because whole grains are associated with improvement in blood pressure (Tighe et al, 2010).


Returns a brownie recipe.


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