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EviewsR: A Seamless Integration of 'EViews' and R


It allows running 'EViews'(https://eviews.com) program from R, R Markdown and Quarto documents. 'EViews' (Econometric Views) is a statistical software for Econometric analysis. This package integrates 'EViews' and R and also serves as an 'EViews' Knit-Engine for 'knitr' package. Write all your 'EViews' commands in R, R Markdown or Quarto documents.


Maintainer: Sagiru Mati smati@smati.com.ng (ORCID)

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Other important functions: create_object(), eng_eviews(), eviews_graph(), eviews_import(), eviews_pagesave(), eviews_wfcreate(), eviews_wfsave(), exec_commands(), export_dataframe(), export(), import_equation(), import_graph(), import_kable(), import_series(), import_table(), import_workfile(), import(), rwalk(), set_eviews_path()

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