processeddata {Evapotranspiration}R Documentation

Processed Climate Data Required for Calculating Evapotranspiration


This data set contains the processed climate data including the variables required for calculating evapotranspiration in function ET over the observation period between 1/3/2001 and 31/8/2004 at the Kent Town station in Adelaide, Australia.




A list containing 11 non-empty variables:

Date.daily - date in daily time step,
Date.monthly - date in monthly time step,
J - julian days,
i - month,
ndays - days in month,
Tmax - daily maximum temperature in degree Celcius,
Tmin - daily minimum temperature in degree Celcius,
RHmax - daily maximum relative humidity in percentage,
RHmin - daily minimum relative humidity in percentage,
uz - daily wind speed in meters per second,
Rs - daily solar radiation in Megajoule per square meter.


Bureau of Meteorology, Kent Town, Adelaide, Australia

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