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log_link object provides a way to implement logarithmic link function that maxlogL needs to perform estimation. See documentation for maxlogL for further information on parameter estimation and implementation of link objects.




log_link is part of a family of generic functions with no input arguments that defines and returns a list with details of the link function:

  1. name: a character string with the name of the link function.

  2. g: implementation of the link function as a generic function in R.

  3. g_inv: implementation of the inverse link function as a generic function in R.

There is a way to add new mapping functions. The user must specify the details aforesaid.


A list with logit link function, its inverse and its name.

See Also


Other link functions: NegInv_link(), logit_link()


# One parameters of normal distribution mapped with logarithmic function
x <- rnorm(n = 10000, mean = 50, sd = 4)
theta_2 <- maxlogL( x = x, link = list(over = "sd",
                                       fun = "log_link") )

# Link function name
fun <- log_link()$name

# Link function
g <- log_link()$g
curve(g(x), from = 0, to = 1)

# Inverse link function
ginv <- log_link()$g_inv
curve(ginv(x), from = -5, to = 5)

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