FcnsByCatSumStats {EnvStats}R Documentation

EnvStats Functions for Summary Statistics and Plots


The EnvStats functions listed below create summary statistics and plots.


Summary Statistics
R comes with several functions for computing summary statistics, including mean, var, median, range, quantile, and summary. The following functions in EnvStats complement these R functions.

Function Name Description
cv Coefficient of variation
geoMean Geometric mean
geoSD Geometric standard deviation
iqr Interquartile range
kurtosis Kurtosis
lMoment L-moments
pwMoment Probability-weighted moments
skewness Skew
summaryFull Extensive summary statistics
summaryStats Summary statistics

Summary Plots
R comes with several functions for creating plots to summarize data, including hist, barplot, boxplot, dotchart, stripchart, and numerous others.

The help file Plotting Probability Distributions lists several EnvStats functions useful for producing summary plots as well.

In addition, the EnvStats function stripChart is a modification of stripchart that allows you to include summary statistics on the plot itself.

Finally, the help file Plotting Using ggplot2 lists several EnvStats functions for adding information to plots produced with the ggplot function, including the function geom_stripchart, which is an adaptation of the EnvStats function stripChart.

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