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EnvStats Probability Distributions and Random Numbers


Listed below are all of the probability distributions available in R and EnvStats. Distributions with a description in bold are new ones that are part of EnvStats. For each distribution, there are functions for generating: values for the probability density function, values for the cumulative distribution function, quantiles, and random numbers.

The data frame Distribution.df contains information about all of these probability distributions.


Distribution Abbreviation Description
beta Beta distribution.
binom Binomial distribution.
cauchy Cauchy distribution.
chi Chi distribution.
chisq Chi-squared distribution.
exp Exponential distribution.
evd Extreme value distribution.
f F-distribution.
gamma Gamma distribution.
gammAlt Gamma distribution parameterized with mean and CV.
gevd Generalized extreme value distribution.
geom Geometric distribution.
hyper Hypergeometric distribution.
logis Logistic distribution.
lnorm Lognormal distribution.
lnormAlt Lognormal distribution parameterized with mean and CV.
lnormMix Mixture of two lognormal distributions.
lnormMixAlt Mixture of two lognormal distributions
parameterized by their means and CVs.
lnorm3 Three-parameter lognormal distribution.
lnormTrunc Truncated lognormal distribution.
lnormTruncAlt Truncated lognormal distribution
parameterized by mean and CV.
nbinom Negative binomial distribution.
norm Normal distribution.
normMix Mixture of two normal distributions.
normTrunc Truncated normal distribution.
pareto Pareto distribution.
pois Poisson distribution.
t Student's t-distribution.
tri Triangular distribution.
unif Uniform distribution.
weibull Weibull distribution.
wilcox Wilcoxon rank sum distribution.
zmlnorm Zero-modified lognormal (delta) distribution.
zmlnormAlt Zero-modified lognormal (delta) distribution
parameterized with mean and CV.
zmnorm Zero-modified normal distribution.

In addition, the functions evNormOrdStats and evNormOrdStatsScalar compute expected values of order statistics from a standard normal distribution.

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