FcnsByCatPlotUsingggplot2 {EnvStats}R Documentation

EnvStats Functions for Creating Plots Using the ggplot2 Package


The EnvStats functions listed below are useful for creating plots with the ggplot2 package.


Function Name Description
geom_stripchart Adaptation of the EnvStats function stripChart,
used to create a strip plot using functions from the package
stat_n_text Add text indicating the sample size
to a ggplot2 plot.
stat_mean_sd_text Add text indicating the mean and standard deviation
to a ggplot2 plot.
stat_median_iqr_text Add text indicating the median and interquartile range
to a ggplot2 plot.
stat_test_text Add text indicating the results of a hypothesis test
comparing groups to a ggplot2 plot.

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