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Visualization of Categorical Response Models


The package EffectStars2 provides a more up-to-date implementation of effect stars!

The package provides functions that visualize categorical regression models.
Included models are the multinomial logit model, the sequential logit model and the cumulative logit model.
The exponentials of the effects of the predictors are plotted as star plots showing the strengths of the effects.
In addition p-values for the effect of predictors are given.
Various data sets and examples are provided.
The plots should in general be exported to file formats like pdf, ps or png to recieve the optimal display. Plotting in R devices may not provide the optimal results.

For further details see star.nominal, star.sequential and star.cumulative.


Gunther Schauberger


Tutz, G. and Schauberger, G. (2012): Visualization of Categorical Response Models - from Data Glyphs to Parameter Glyphs, Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics 22(1), 156-177.

Gerhard Tutz (2012): Regression for Categorical Data, Cambridge University Press

See Also

star.nominal, star.sequential, star.cumulative

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