readTALIS {EdSurvey}R Documentation

Connect to TALIS Data


Opens a connection to a TALIS data file and returns an with information about the file and data.


  isced = c("b", "a", "c"),
  dataLevel = c("teacher", "school"),
  forceReread = FALSE,
  verbose = TRUE



a character vector to the full directory path(s) to the TALIS SPSS files (.sav)


a character vector of the country/countries to include using the three-digit ISO country code. A list of country codes can be found in the TALIS codebook, or you can use You can use * to indicate all countries available.


a character value that is one of a, b, or c. a stands for Primary Level, b is for Lower Secondary Level, and c is for Upper Secondary Level. Default to b.


a character value that indicates which data level to be used. It can be teacher (the default) or school (see details).


a logical value to force rereading of all processed data. Defaults to FALSE. Setting forceReread to be TRUE will cause readTALIS data to be reread and increase processing time.


a logical value that will determine if you want verbose output while the function is running to indicate the progress. Defaults to TRUE.


Reads in the unzipped files downloaded from the TALIS database using the OECD Repository ( If dataLevel is set to be teacher, it treats the teacher data file as the main dataset, and merges school data into teacher data for each country automatically. Use this option if wanting to analyze just teacher variables, or both teacher and school level variables together. If dataLevel is set school, it uses only the school data file (no teacher data will be available).


an for a single specified country or an if multiple countries specified


Paul Bailey, Tom Fink, and Trang Nguyen


Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. (2018). TALIS 2018 technical report. Retrieved from

See Also

getData and downloadTALIS


## Not run: 
#TALIS 2018 - school level data for all countries
talis18 <- readTALIS(path = "~/TALIS/2018", 
                     isced = "b", 
                     dataLevel = "school", 
                     countries = "*")

#unweighted summary
result <- summary2(talis18, "tc3g01", weightVar = "")

#print usa results to console

# the following call returns an to TALIS 2013 
# for US teacher-level data at secondary level
usa2013 <- readTALIS(path = "~/TALIS/2013", isced = "b",
                     dataLevel = "teacher", countries = "usa")

# extract a data.frame with a few variables
gg <- getData(usa2013, c("tt2g05b", "tt2g01"))  

# conduct an analysis on the
edsurveyTable(tt2g05b ~ tt2g01, data = usa2013) 

## End(Not run)

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