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Connect to School Survey on Crime and Safety Data


Opens a connection to a School Survey on Crime and Safety (SSOCS) data file and returns an, or an if multiple files specified, with information about the file(s) and data.


readSSOCS(sasDataFiles, years, forceReread = FALSE, verbose = TRUE)



a character vector to the full SAS (*.sas7bdat) data file path(s) you wish to read. If multiple paths are specified as a vector, it will return an


an integer vector of the year associated with the index position of the sasDataFile data file vector. The year is required to correctly determine required metadata about the file. Valid year values are as follows: 2000 (1999–2000), 2004 (2003–2004), 2006 (2005–2006), 2008 (2007–2008), 2010 (2009–2010), 2016 (2015–2016), 2018 (2017–2018).


a logical value to force rereading of all processed data. The default value of FALSE will speed up the readSSOCS function by using existing read-in data already processed.


a logical value to either print or suppress status message output. The default value is TRUE.


Reads in the unzipped files downloaded from the SSOCS Data Products website in SAS format. Other sources of SSOCS data, such as restricted-use data or other websites, may require additional conversion steps to generate the required SAS format.


An if one data file is specified or an if multiple files are specified in the sasDataFiles parameter.


For the readSSOCS function, value label information is stored and retrieved automatically within the EdSurvey package (based on the year parameter), as the SAS files contain only raw data values.


Tom Fink

See Also

downloadSSOCS, and getData


## Not run: 
#download SSOCS data for years 2016 and 2018 
downloadSSOCS(years = c(2016, 2018))

rootPath <- "~/"# may need to change this 
#get SAS *.sas7bdat file paths of all SSOCS files for 2016 and 2018
filesToImport <- list.files(path = file.path(rootPath, "SSOCS", c(2016, 2018)),
                            full.names = TRUE)
#import all files to object
esdfList <- readSSOCS(sasDataFiles = filesToImport,
                      years = c(2016, 2018),
                      forceReread = FALSE,
                      verbose = TRUE)

#reading in the 2018 to an object
esdf <- readSSOCS(sasDataFiles = file.path(rootPath, "SSOCS/2018/pu_ssocs18.sas7bdat"),
                  years = 2018,
                  forceReread = FALSE,
                  verbose = TRUE)
#search for variables in the containing the word 'bully'
searchSDF("bully", esdf)

## End(Not run)

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