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Combine R Objects by Rows or Columns


Implements cbind and rbind for light.edsurvey.data.frame class. It takes a sequence of vector, matrix, data.frame, or light.edsurvey.data.frame arguments and combines by columns or rows, respectively.


cbind(..., deparse.level = 1)

rbind(..., deparse.level = 1)



one or more objects of class vector, data.frame, matrix, or light.edsurvey.data.frame


integer determining under which circumstances column and row names are built from the actual arguments. See cbind.


Because cbind and rbind are standard generic functions that do not use method dispatch, we set this function as generic, which means it overwrites base::cbind and base::rbind on loading. If none of the specified elements are of class light.edsurvey.data.frame, the function will revert to the standard base method. However, to be safe, you might want to explicitly use base::cbind when needed after loading the package.

The returned object will contain attributes only from the first light.edsurvey.data.frame object in the call to cbind.light.edsurvey.data.frame.


a matrix-like object like matrix or data.frame. Returns a light.edsurvey.data.frame if there is at least one light.edsurvey.data.frame in the list of arguments.


Trang Nguyen, Michael Lee, and Paul Bailey

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