EdSurvey-package {EdSurvey}R Documentation

Analysis of NCES Education Survey and Assessment Data


The EdSurvey package uses appropriate methods for analyzing NCES datasets with a small memory footprint. Existing system control files, included with the data, are used to read in and format the data for further processing.


To get started using EdSurvey, see the vignettes for tutorials and the statistical methodologies. Use vignette("introduction", package="EdSurvey") to see the vignettes.

The package provides functions called readNAEP, readCivEDICCS, readICILS, readPIAAC, readPIRLS, read_ePIRLS, readPISA, readTALIS, readTIMSS, readTIMSSAdv, and readECLS_K2011 to read in NCES datasets. The functions achievementLevels, cor.sdf, edsurveyTable, summary2, lm.sdf, logit.sdf, mixed.sdf, rq.sdf, percentile, and gap can then be used to analyze data. For advanced users, getData extracts the data of interest as a data frame for further processing.

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