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Cyber Security Breaches


data.frame of cyber security breaches involving health care records of 500 or more humans reported to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as of June 27, 2014.




A data.frame with 1055 observations on the following 24 variables:


integer record number in the HHS data base


factor giving the name of the entity experiencing the breach


Factor giving the 2-letter code of the state where the breach occurred. This has 52 levels for the 50 states plus the District of Columbia (DC) and Puerto Rico (PR).


Factor giving the name of a subcontractor (or blank) associated with the breach.


integer number of humans whose records were compromised in the breach. This is 500 or greater; U.S. law requires reports of breaches involving 500 or more records but not of breaches involving fewer.


character vector giving the date or date range of the breach. Recodes as Dates in breach_start and breach_end.


factor with 29 levels giving the type of breach (e.g., "Theft" vs. "Unauthorized Access/Disclosure", etc.)


factor with 41 levels coding the location from which the breach occurred (e.g., "Paper", "Laptop", etc.)


Date the information was posted to the HHS data base or last updated.


character vector of a summary of the incident.


Date of the start of the incident = first date given in Date_of_Breach above.

breach_end Date of the end of the incident or NA if only one date is given in Date_of_Breach above. year integer giving the year of the breach


The data primarily consists of breaches that occurred from 2010 through early 2014 when the extract was taken. However, a few breaches are recorded including 1 from 1997, 8 from 2002-2007, 13 from 2008 and 56 from 2009. The numbers of breaches from 2010 - 2014 are 211, 229, 227, 254 and 56, respectively. (A chi-square test for equality of the counts from 2010 through 2013 is 4.11, which with 3 degrees of freedom has a significance probability of 0.25. Thus, even though the lowest number is the first and the largest count is the last, the apparent trend is not statistically significant under the usual assumption of independent Poisson trials.)

The following corrections were made to the file:

Number Name of Covered Entity Corrections
45 Wyoming Department of Health Cause of breach was missing. Added "Unauthorized
Access / Disclosure" per
55 Reliant Rehabilitation Hospital North Cause of breach was missing. Added "Unauthorized
Houston Access / Disclosure" per Dissent. "Two Breaches
Involving Unauthorized Access Lead to Notification."; approximately 2010-04-20. This web page has since been removed, apparently without having been captured by]
123 Aetna Cause of breach was missing. Added Improper
disposal per
157 Mayo Clinic Cause of breach was missing. Added Unauthorized
Access/Disclosure per Anderson, Howard. "Mayo Fires
"Employees in 2 Incidents: Both Involved
Unauthorized Access to Records."
Data Breach Today. N.p., 4 Oct. 2010
341 Saint Barnabas MedicL Center Misspelled "Saint Barnabas Medical Center"
347 Americar Health Medicare Misspelled "American Health Medicare"
484 Lake Granbury Medicl Ceter Misspelled "Lake Granbury Medical Center"
782 See list of Practices under Item 9 Replaced name as "Cogent Healthcare, Inc." checked
from XML and web documents
805 Dermatology Associates of Tallahassee Had 00/00/0000 on breach date. This was crossed
check to determine that it was Sept 4, 2013 with 916 records
815 Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Mistype breach year as 09/14/2913 corrected as 09/14/2013
961 Valley View Hosptial Association Misspelled "Valley View Hospital Association"
1034 Bio-Reference Laboratories, Inc. Date changed from 00/00/000 to 2/02/2014 as
subsequently determined.


Spencer Graves


U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: Health Information Privacy: Breaches Affecting 500 or More Individuals

See Also

HHSCyberSecurityBreaches for a version of these data downloaded more recently. This newer version includes changes in reporting and in the variables included in the data.frame.


# confirm that the smallest number is 500 
# -- and the largest is 4.9e6
# ... and there are no NAs

dDays <- with(breaches, breach_end - breach_start)
quantile(dDays, na.rm=TRUE)
# confirm that breach_end is NA or is later than 
# breach_start 

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