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Extended Quasi-Likelihood Function (EQL)


The package EQL contains functions for

See section ‘Index’ for a list of exported functions. Section ‘Internals’ lists the internal functions of the package, which are not exported but may be referenced by EQL:::.functionName.


Version: 1.0-0
Date: 2009-06-18
Depends: ttutils(>= 0.1-0)
Imports: lattice(>= 0.17-17)
License: GPL-2
Built: R 2.8.1; ; 2009-06-22 15:24:08; unix


approximation : Approximation class
cumulants : Cumulant class for the saddlepoint approximation
edgeworth : Edgeworth approximation
eql : Maximization of the EQL function for a particular
: variance family for a given set of parameters
extBinomialVarianceFamily : Extended binomial variance family (V(\mu)=\mu^k(1-\mu)^l)
gammaCumulants : Cumulant functions of the Gamma distribution
gaussianCumulants : Cumulant functions of the normal distribution
hermite : Hermite polynomials
inverseGaussianCumulants : Cumulant functions of the inverse-gaussian distribution
powerVarianceFamily : Power variance family (V(\mu)=\mu^\theta)
saddlepoint : Saddlepoint approximation
varianceFamily : Variance family class


.eql : Computes a single EQL value
.getFactor : Calculates the normalizing factor for the saddlepoint approximation
.missingFormals : Check if a list contains all the arguments of a particular function


Thorn Thaler <thorn.thaler@thothal.com>

Maintainer: Thorn Thaler <thorn.thaler@thothal.com>

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