ENMevaluation_convert {ENMeval}R Documentation

Convert old ENMevaluation objects to new ones


Converts ENMevaluation objects made with version <=0.3.1 to new ones made with version >=2.0.0.


ENMevaluation_convert(e, envs)



ENMevaluation object: the old object to convert


RasterStack: the original predictor variables used to generate the old ENMevaluation object (these are used to make the new occs and bg slots which contain the predictor variable values)


If bin.output was set to TRUE, `e@results` will be equivalent to the new results.partitions slot. Some slots are unable to be filled in because previous versions of ENMeval did not record them in ENMevaluation objects: variable.importance, partition.settings, other.settings, doClamp (set to TRUE arbitrarily to avoid errors, but may actually have been FALSE), clamp.directions, taxon.name, and rmm.

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