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Functions to recast quadratically constrained MIP in different format, and class qco


The functions recast a Mosek model into Gurobi format and vice versa, for use with objects of class qco from package DoE.MIParray. The class is also documented here.


mosek2gurobi(qco, ...)
gurobi2mosek(qco, ...)



a mixed integer optimization problem of class qco, as generated from package DoE.MIParray


not used so far


The functions treat the special qco objects created by package DoE.MIParray: these are minimization problems with linear equality constraints and possibly conic quadratic constraints, as suitable for the problems treated in DoE.MIParray.

Class qco objects on their own only occur as interim results of the optimization functions mosek_MIParray, mosek_MIPcontinue, gurobi_MIParray or gurobi_MIPcontinue. Where it might be useful, the class link[DoE.base]{oa} output objects of the optimization functions contain an attribute MIPinfo of class qco. For reducing the size of an object that is not going to be used for further improvement, the following command can be run for extracting the the useful information content from the qco object and replacing the large MIPinfo attribute with this much smaller object:
attr(obj, "MIPinfo") <- attr(obj, "MIPinfo")$info
Make sure to only run this command if MIPinfo attribute is indeed of class qco and further optimization is not intended.


an object of S3 class qco (see Details section)


Ulrike Groemping

See Also

See also as mosek_MIParray, gurobi_MIParray.

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