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Calculate Significance of Quantitative Attributes.


Takes in two data frames where first contains only qualitative attributes and the other contains only quantitative attributes. Function calculates significance of quantitative attributes based on the method proposed by Ahmad & Dey (2007).


signifOfQuantVars(myDataQuali, myDataQuant)



A data frame which includes only qualitative variables in columns.


A data frame which includes only quantitative variables in columns.


signifOfQuantVars is an implementtion of the method proposed by Ahmad & Dey (2007) to calculate the significance of quantitative attributes. Signinficance of an attribute is an important fact to consider in the process of clustering. To calculate the significance quantitative attributes are discreized first. These significace values are used in calculating distance between any two numeric values of aquantitative attribute. See Ahmad & Dey (2007) for more datails.


A data frame with two columns A and B where A represents variable number and B represents significane of corresponding variable.


Ahmad, A., & Dey, L. (2007). A k-mean clustering algorithm for mixed numeric and categorical data. Data & Knowledge Engineering, 63(2), 503-527.


QualiVars <- data.frame(Qlvar1 = c("A","B","A","C"), Qlvar2 = c("Q","Q","R","Q"))
QuantVars <- data.frame(Qnvar1 = c(1.5,3.2,4.9,5), Qnvar2 = c(4.8,2,1.1,5.8))
SigOfQuant <- signifOfQuantVars(QualiVars, QuantVars)

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