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Describe a Variable by a Factor with Two Levels


This function describes a numeric variable by a grouping factor with two levels. First, a descriptive text listing the frequencies and means of the two groups and the results of the significance test is generated. The results of Desc(x~g) are reported as they are provided by the function, followed by a plot consisting of a density plot and a box plot. This description makes sense, for example, if the age distribution of a collective is to be represented for both sexes.


TwoGroups(x, ..., plotit = TRUE)

## Default S3 method:
TwoGroups(x, g, main = NULL, vname = NULL, ..., plotit = TRUE)

## S3 method for class 'formula'
TwoGroups(formula, data, subset, na.action, ...)

## S3 method for class 'TwoGroups'
ToWrd(x, font = NULL, ..., wrd = DescToolsOptions("lastWord"))



the numeric variable to describe.


the grouping factor (preferably with two levels.)


the main title.


the variable names used in the description text.


boolean. Should a plot be created? Default can be defined by DescToolsOptions(plotit=TRUE/FALSE), if it does not exist then it's set to FALSE.


a formula of the form lhs ~ rhs where lhs gives the data values and rhs the corresponding groups.


an optional matrix or data frame (or similar: see model.frame) containing the variables in the formula formula. By default the variables are taken from environment(formula).


an optional vector specifying a subset of observations to be used.


a function which indicates what should happen when the data contain NAs. Defaults to getOption("na.action").


the first font will be chosen for the introducing text, when sending the output to Word, the second for the description.


the pointer to a running MS Word instance, as created by GetNewWrd() (for a new one) or by GetCurrWrd() for an existing one. Default is NULL, which will report all results to the console.


the dots are sent to the internally used function Phrase(). They can be used to choose the language (lang) or provide variable name (xname).


list with the results calculated by the used functions


Andri Signorell <>

See Also

Desc, PlotMultiDens, Phrase


x <-$temperature
g <- factor($rabate)

# we can change the colors for the plot by setting the DescToolsOptions
DescToolsOptions(col=c(horange, hgreen))
TwoGroups(x, g, main="Temperature ~ Rebate")

# for an output to Word simply define the wrd argument
# wrd <- GetNewWrd()
# TwoGroups(x, g, font.desc=list(name="Consolas", size=8),
#           main="Temperature ~ Rebate", wrd=wrd)

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