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Return Some Randomly Chosen Elements of an Object


For displaying the first and last elements of an object there are the functions head and tail. Sometimes one might want to see more randomly scattered elements. This function returns some random parts of a vector, matrix or a data frame. The order of the elements within the object will be preserved.


Some(x, n = 6L, ...)
## Default S3 method:
Some(x, n = 6L, ...)
## S3 method for class 'data.frame'
Some(x, n = 6L, ...)
## S3 method for class 'matrix'
Some(x, n = 6L, addrownums = TRUE, ...)



an object


a single integer. If positive, size for the resulting object: number of elements for a vector (including lists), rows for a matrix or data frame or lines for a function. If negative, all but the n last/first number of elements of x.


if there are no row names, create them from the row numbers.


arguments to be passed to or from other methods.


For matrices, 2-dim tables and data frames, Some() returns some n rows when n > 0 or all but the some n rows when n < 0. Some.matrix() is not exported (unlike head.matrix).

If a matrix has no row names, then Some() will add row names of the form "[n,]" to the result, so that it looks similar to the last lines of x when printed. Setting addrownums = FALSE suppresses this behaviour.

I desisted from implementing interfaces for tables, ftables and functions, as this would not make much sense.


An object (usually) like x but generally smaller.


Andri Signorell, basically copying and just slightly modifying Patrick Burns and R-Core code.

See Also



Some(letters, n = -6L)

Some(freeny.x, n = 10L)

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