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Make it Easier to Enter Questionnaire Data


This is a GUI application for defining attributes and setting valid values of variables, and then, entering questionnaire data in a data.frame.


The package has only one function visible to users: DataEntry(). The function starts a graphical interface and is called when the package is loaded, but if you want to avoid DataEntry() being called while loading the package, put in your .Rprofile:

options("DataEntry.autostart" = FALSE)

If the graphical interface is already running, DataEntry() just changes the focus to its window.

There is no button to save the project because the data is saved whenever a new variable is added to the list of variables or a new row is added to the data.frame. The project is also saved when either a variable or a row is edited, and a new backup of the project is created each time the project is opened.

Users have to define attributes of the variables before inserting data in a data.frame. Among the attributes, there is a label that will remind the user of the meaning of variable in the data entry form. There is also the possibility of setting valid values (either a list of values or the minimum and maximum valid values).

DataEntry behavior is partially customizable. Users can:

The project is saved with extension .dte, but it is just a regular .RData file. While DataEntry is running, data and options are stored in the environment object DataEntry:::DEenv. The application options are saved in the directory designated by the operating system for cached data ($XDG_CACHE_HOME on Linux and $APPDATA on Windows).

The Export data button allows users to export the data.frame as a csv file, save it in a RData file or copy it to R Workspace.

The list of variables can be locked with a password. This might be useful if you are setting a project that will later be used by other people to enter data and you want to prevent that the attributes of the variables are accidentally changed.


DataEntry screenshot


Jakson Aquino

Maintainer: Jakson Aquino <>


# The command to open the gui application is:

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